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Beautifying and Enhancing

Our fertilizer comes from Lebanon, Pa, and has the longest life of any fertilizer.  We fertilize four times a year.  The first two applications are pre-emergence.  The third application is for root growth and the fourth is designed to get you through the winter while helping to keep the roots of your grass growing strong.  Several weeks after the first application when the weather is appropriate, we will spray your entire yard with a selective broad leaf weed killer.  After that, we will spot spray any weeds as weather permits.  We use these products and techniques to minimize our effect on the environment as much as possible.  To make sure we stay within the limits of the law while using these products, we maintain a state spraying license and attend yearly classes to keep it up to date.

            Prices of fertilizing are based on the size of your yard.  When we spray your yard, you will NOT have to pay extra for that, it is included in your application price.

As a customer, you can expect reliability, exceptional work, and a green yard year-round..

Why Fertilizing is Important
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