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Keeping it Clean

When we get to your leaf-filled yard, we quickly figure out the fastest and easiest way to move those leaves out of the way.  In the city, we can move the leaves to the street, to the woods, or a designated spot of your choosing.  We are even able to remove them just like the city does to the yard waste facility where they repurpose them for reuse.  Unfortunately for the people living in the county, we can’t just leave the leaves on the street, we have to remove them, dump them in the woods, or put them at a spot that you want them. 

            Leaf removal is charged by the hour per person on the job site.  If you desire to have the leaves hauled away, that is an extra charge based on the volume of space your leaves fill up in our dump truck.

count on us to make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

Leaf Removal
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