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Attention to Detail

We know the proper way to cut your yard to make it stand out in your neighborhood.  Temperatures dictate the height of the cut and if your yard needs to be cut.  The warmer the temperatures, the higher we cut your yard.  This is to protect your grass roots from the summer sun.  If there is a hard frost on your grass, we don’t cut it, likewise, if the yard is brown due to heat stress in the summer where if we step on it and we hear a crunch, we won’t cut it either.  The reason for this is so we don’t harm the grass.  We never bag the grass clippings except to pick up leaves in the fall.  By not bagging the grass clippings, we are recycling the nutrients back into the soil.  To make the yard look clean, we will cut the yard as many times as necessary to “hide” the clippings.  We cut yards in four different directions which we change every week.  This is so we don’t cause damage to the yard.  We also edge driveways, flower beds and street edges where appropriate and we blow off grass debris from the street and driveways to give a nice clean look.

            Prices for mowing are based on the size of your yard and the complexity of what is involved to take care of the yard.

Lawn Mower Setup
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