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Tree and Shrub Trimming


Meticulous and Comprehensive

However, trees also have low branches that can cause injury to you and your family members.  We at Bryan’s Lawn Care are very capable of fixing this problem.  We will skillfully remove those low dangerous branches in a way that makes your tree look healthy and fresh. 

This is done by the hour per person on the job site working on the tree(s) specified.  We can leave the limbs on the street (city only), in the woods, or haul them away (extra charge to remove based on the volume of space used in the dump truck)

            There are, however, some trees that die, are a danger to your home and power lines, or are just in the way.  We have the ability to remove small trees (tree trunks the size of up to 12”). 

            This work is done by the tree at a set price.  Removal of the tree is available per dump truck load.

If there is a danger to your home or power lines, we will recommend other tree companies that we trust to do the job right.

Shrub Trimming

            Do you have a lot of shrubs around your home that are in need of trimming or are way overgrown?  We can take those shrubs that need trimming and make them look smooth and clean again.  We like to mulch up as much debris as possible to help the soil but there are times that we have to leave the debris by the street (city) or remove it.  If your shrubs are overgrown, we know how to handle that as well.  We will discuss the pros and cons of cutting back your shrubs while allowing the shrubs to live a long happy life.

            This is charged by the hour per person working on your shrubs.  Haul away is charged by the volume of debris.

You can count on us to make sure you’re satisfied with the results.

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